Wedding Cakes in the Big Apple

Does the wedding cake play an important role in your wedding event? Simply speaking, yes. For sure you haven’t seen a wedding without one. That’s how essential the wedding cake is. For many generations, a wedding cake has already been a part of any wedding event and that makes it very important. Research tells that the practice of using cakes in every wedding started from the Roman Empire. Aside from that, a wedding cake also gives meaning to the wedding. Most wedding cakes are designed elegantly with varying colors as it represents the life the couple has ahead of them. You can also see from different weddings all around the world that they have a ritual of cutting the cake during the reception.

The mere presence of wedding cakes in different wedding events also signifies how important it is. If it’s not important, you will barely see them in any wedding event. For the couples, not having a wedding cake is surely a big “miss” in their special day. Since it’s very important for your wedding reception, you must make sure that you have a cake that can stand out among others. Some New York wedding cakes offered by caterers can also be personalized in order to fit your specific needs. Since this is a one-time event all your life, you can make the most out of it. You can have a New York wedding cake with your own design, taste, as well as color preference. The designs of the cake will surely leave an impact to your guests if it is pleasant and very elegant to see. To make sure that your wedding cake tastes great, you can read customer’s review online and compare different cake makers.

On the other hand, you also have to bear in mind that these beautiful designs will also affect your budget. That is why you have to maintain a balance between cost and beauty.

Nowadays, wedding cakes are usually large. Newly-weds actually cut only a small slice of the cake during their reception as a part of their wedding’s ritual. Surely, you will have enough slices of cake left, and taking them home will help with cleanup at the reception. You can either give them to the visitors or bring it home. You can also be creative enough in giving the leftover cakes to your guests by putting in fancy wedding cake boxes with ribbons. The guests would surely be happy that they can take home even just a slice of cake after the reception.

Picking the Perfect Wedding Cake

When it comes to weddings, next to the bride and groom, wedding cakes are the ones that fall under much scrutiny from the guests. Reflecting the love, style, theme, and personality of the couple, wedding cakes have a lot riding on them. That is why there is a lot that goes into styling wedding cakes especially in New York where weddings are bigger, grander, and more dramatic. So how can you get that perfect style for your New York wedding cakes?

There are a lot to consider when it comes to the style of wedding cakes. Forget the flavor of the cake, there are things like the overall theme, the decorations, the color, etc. that need to be figured out. But just by deciding on things one at a time you can still get to decide on that perfect wedding cake without sacrificing its flavor and taste.

The very first thing that you should decide on when it comes to the perfect wedding cake is actually when your wedding will be. Weddings happen all year long and especially in the Big Apple where weddings are scheduled by the season, it is important to make your wedding cake timely, appropriate for the season that your wedding falls under. Here there are your four options: spring, summer, autumn, or winter – simple.

The next thing that needs to be thought out is the more complicated one – the theme. For a bride that has not been planning her wedding since she was a child, like some of the women do, selecting the theme of the wedding cake can be downright confusing. Almost anyone can get overwhelmed with the choices when it comes to the themes. However you can easily narrow down your choices by simply using a few simple words in selecting the theme of the wedding cake. The key words that you need are:


Choose among any of these words that will reflect your sense of style when it comes to the cake. When you mention one or two of these words to your baker or wedding cake decorator, he or she will be able to filter through the many choices, making theme-selecting a lot easier.

The next thing that you should consider is the overall color of the wedding cake. The cake’s fondant is one of the most magical things that can grace a cake – take full advantage of it by deciding on its color so that your wedding cake will be totally customized to your liking.  When all of this is said and done, you are through the forest. The only thing that you need to decide on now is the flavor and all it takes is a simple taste test.